Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updated Timetable

Barbara and I were at the hospital this morning for neonatology rounds. Shelby continues to improve and they will be taking her i.v. off later this afternoon. Dr. Grant, the neurosurgeon who performed the surgery, came by and said we could go home whenever Shelby gets clearance from the neonatologists. The orthopedists have scheduled an ultrasound for sometime tomorrow to check on a hip "click" and make sure there is no displatia there. I'll be meeting with various people tomorrow to get the ball rolling for us to leave...I have to learn about caring for the shunt and things that we need to be on the lookout for, in terms of malfunctions. It sounds like we'll be coming home either Monday or Tuesday. We'll have to drive back to Duke in a week to 10 days for follow-up and the removal of Shelby's sutures. Trip is going home this evening after he spends the afternoon with Shelby so that he can work tomorrow and will have some vacation days left for us to go somewhere and relax towards the end of the summer. I am really looking forward to our little family of four all being together in Asheville and under one roof for the first time!


  1. I am glad the end of your hospital stay is drawing near. We've been praying for you guys and mentioned you in Sunday School this morning, since so many of them know one of you. Thanks for keeping the blog updated. You'll continue to be in our prayers daily!

  2. Such wonderful news. :) You guys were definitely on everyone's mind at church today. We're so happy that y'all will be home soon!

  3. The FPC youth group was in Montreat last week enjoying the beautiful mountains and praying for Shelby (and you ALL). We will continue to pray, and monitor her progress as God works in the life of your wonderful family. Blessings from your Covington church family. ;-)