Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10 - Shelby is on Her Way

Finally, Shelby was loaded into an ambulance at 12:00 and is en route to Duke Children's Hospital. Tiffany is riding shotgun in the ambulance, and tells me they will arrive at 3:30. I will be heading down tomorrow. As happy as we are to have her on her way, it has just brought up all those nervous feelings again. I will post again to let everyone know they arrived safely. I doubt we will hear much from the doctors there until they have had several days of exams and observation.

Again, thanks to everyone for the comments on this blog, and the emails. We do read them, and they are very helpful.


  1. She is beautiful!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!!!!
    rosie luke (caems)

  2. So glad that she is on her way. We will keep up the prayers.