Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Liam Neeson Cool Factor

People that know Harding well know that he is notorious for never having his shoes tied. He knows how to tie them, but it takes forever and they never seem to stay tied (even if I tie them for him). I was a few minutes early to pick up H from climbing club at his school the other day and got to watch him in action. After several rounds of climbing routes with his shoes untied (as usual), I witnessed the following interaction between Harding and one of the belayers when he got to her section: 

Belayer: “On Belay.”
Harding: “Ready to Climb.”
Belayer: “Climb on.”
Harding: “Climbing.”
Belayer: "Wait, your shoe is untied!"
Harding: (Blank stare)
Ms. Jo, the P.E. Teacher: (says to me) "She obviously does not know Harding very well."

So, is Harding "Liam Neeson cool?" You be the judge......

Post note: I have since ordered my eight-year-old a pair of shoes with Velcro straps (sigh).