Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 08 - Move to Transition Room

Today, we were informed that we should not expect to be transferred to Duke until the 9th at the earliest. Basically, Shelby is being monitored by N.I.C.U. here at Mission to be sure that everything is fine, but she doesn't really need nursing care. They are not going to run any tests on her here, because Duke would just re-do everything once she is transported anyway. They decided to move us from the main hall of N.I.C.U. to a "transition room". This is wonderful, because we have our own room, and we can take care of Shelby and bond with her more with privacy. We also have our own bathroom, which Tiffany is very happy about. Public restrooms are not ideal postpartum. We started feeling a little better after this move. The nurses for the Transition Room are excellent, and we have been getting positive feedback from them, from doctors, and from family and friends who have experience in nursing. We keep hearing about how malleable the infant brain is, and how it can handle damage of this nature much better than an adult's brain could.

We hope that we can finally get a good night's rest tonight, and wake up tomorrow ready to start tackling any issues that we can.


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, guys. We're saying lots of prayers for everyone.

    Please let me know if I can do anything--seriously, anything. Can I pick up your mail? Bring you some non-hospital food?

    Thinking of you (and adoring the pictures of your beautiful girl!),


  2. Our family will be praying for you guys, too! Duke is only about a 40 minute drive for me, so if you need ANYTHING once you get there, please let me know. franciedorich@yahoo.com or 336-430-0948

  3. Lots of prayers are circling all around for you guys! I know you have a strong community of friends and family that will help out however we can.

    Shelby is just beautiful...