Friday, June 19, 2009

Helpful Links

I wanted to share some links with everyone. After reading through some of these websites, I am more optimistic about Shelby's future. There are some amazing stories on the sites, and it seems like a lot of kids who have had it even worse than Shelby have gone on to lead very normal lives.

This first website is a blog from someone else who went to Duke. The before and after MRI's are amazing.

This website has good info about hydrocephalus, and more stories as well:

Reading stories from families who have already gone through this is very encouraging--especially at times when I'm not feeling so positive myself.

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  1. Hey guys! We are so glad that things are going so well. I talked to some of the nurses in our NICU about hydrocephalus. They sounded very positive and said many times the problems resolve and the person grows up into a normal adult. They thought Shelby's story sounded very promising. She is so beautiful!! I just know she will pull through all of this an do well! With love, Barbara and Chris Martin