Saturday, June 13, 2009

New plan for the weekend

We were with Shelby till 10:45 last night. She had calmed down a little and we were able to hold her. The doctor was starting to ease her off the morphine at this point and her vital signs were looking better. I called ever time I woke up to pump last night and she apparently was able to sleep pretty well, but had thrown up (morphine effects).

Our plan for today and tomorrow is to switch off spending time with Shelby and Harding. The nurses did not think that she would be able to eat until this afternoon, so Trip is with her now. I've been relaxing, playing trains with Harding, drinking coffee, and watching the Today show which is wonderful. It is really nice not to be at the hospital for a little while. Trip and I will switch off sometime in the middle of the day. My parents are leaving today and John and Barbara are coming up to stay with us. We are really lucky to have such helpful and supportive families. I don't see how people go through something like this without that.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers all the time. I will continue to pray that the morphine doesn't make her sick anymore than it already has. We missed you the last few days of school but know that God has blessed you with another beautiful child. Shelby is the most adorable baby ever!
    With love and prayers, Lara Graybill