Monday, June 8, 2009

June 06 - Shelby meets her family.

After our first night in the hospital and a little rest, we we could not wait to introduce Shelby to her big brother Harding. Apparently he had been a little nervous the whole day before when he woke up to Papa and BeeBee and was told that Mommy and Daddy had gone to the hospital to get Shelby. He took a nap clutching Shelby's pink blanket. Anyway, Harding came in and kissed Shelby on the nose:

He gave her lots of hugs:

And was very excited to be a big brother:

All of Shelby's exams were perfect. She had a bruise on one side of her head called a hematoma from coming through the birth canal. Dr. Love (our pediatrician) came in and said she was exceptionally "cute" and was doing great. She continued to nurse really well, sleep, and poop all day. We rested, introduced our baby girl to friends and family who had come to visit, and cuddled with Shelby all day long.

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