Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things are moving fast here!

Wow....I cannot believe that Shelby and I have been at Duke for 4 hours and we have already met with people and have some answers. Like Trip said, Shelby will be having surgery Friday or Monday to put a brain shunt in her head to relieve the pressure. I am meeting with one of the two attending pediatric neurosurgeons tomorrow, Dr. Grant. Either he or Dr. Fuchs will be doing the surgery and apparently they are awesome. I hope so. Anyway, mom is here with me and we are going to have a tape recorder with us and a typed list of questions when he comes by. In the mean time, we'll be visiting with Shelby. They are pretty strict at Duke. I have to literally "scrub in" and wear a drape and gloves to hold her. But that is okay, because I feel like she is in good hands. I'll post more pictures later tonight. I was an emotional wreck when they left me in the waiting room while they did Shelby's "assessment", but after meeting with everyone, I feel much better. Its nice that we are moving forward. Now, back to the hospital for another feeding. Luckily, we're literally 5 minutes away.


  1. Tiffany and Trip - Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers this week. You have a beautiful little girl. I know the CAEMS family and GCPC family are both eager to see you again! joel and ashley

  2. The prayers continue for y'all, especially for a successful procedure Friday (or Monday)and that her brain will recover well in the time after that.

  3. Haven can't wait to meet her new neighbor girl. Goes without saying we are thinking of you and your family, constantly. Get rest and stay positive, it does sound like she is great hands. Thank so much for keeping all of us updated, it truly helps. We miss you guys terribly. Love Shannon, Jim, Haven, Sunny and our temp cat Buzz.