Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 09 - Still Waiting...

Well, we finally got some sleep. Being in the transition room at N.I.C.U. is wonderful. We are left alone to take care of Shelby by ourselves and I feel almost "normal". We set an alarm for 4 hours after the last feeding, and that was the only time we woke up all night. A night of rest was definitely much needed! We are all feeling a little better and more optimistic today. She continues to show signs of being a very normal baby, and had several hours of good alert time this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we were delayed again in the transfer to Duke Children's Hospital, which we now hope will happen tomorrow morning. But, as one nurse reminded us, the longer she is out of the womb, the stronger she gets should surgery be necessary. Also, we know that our situation in terms of caring for Shelby ourselves will be a lot more restricted at Duke. We will not have the privacy of having our own room with her and may not be able to see her whenever we want to.

My cousin Katy has reserved us a very affordable furnished 2-bedroom apartment in Durham that is within two miles of the children's hospital. We are very relieved to have set up somewhere to stay. Also, we know that our parents will be able to bring Harding to visit us there from time to time which is really nice. I am sure that this is a difficult and confusing time for a two-year-old, but he seems to be handling it well. He is very at-home at my parents' and Trip's parents' houses and they have spoiled him the past couple days.

I want to tell everyone that we really appreciate all your love, prayers, and support. Even though we cannot always answer your calls and emails, they have all been received and are more helpful and comforting than you know.

"Momo" holding baby Shelby:

Uncle Stephen with Baby Shelby:

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