Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Bad News is Good News

Lately, when we take Shelby Frances to her various doctor appointments, we aren't really looking for good news, we're just hoping not to get bad news. Fortunately, that has been the case this week and last week.

Today we went to Asheville Eye Associates to see the ophthalmologist. The doctor did a series of tests, and did not notice anything too concerning. Her eyes reacted normally to light. He did notice that she was a little far-sighted, but said that it could go away with time. Dr. Wiggins said that with hydrocephalus patients, the optic nerve is often swollen or discolored. Shelby did not have either of those problems. One of her optic nerves was a little under-sized, but he didn't think it would affect her vision.

He did tell us that he's pretty certain that the nystagmus (the jerking movement of her eyes) is caused by the hydrocephalus, and not something else. As we mentioned earlier, we are seeing it happen less these days, so hopefully it will go away eventually.

We have a follow-up ophthalmologist appointment in October to get more information. Here are some more pictures for those of you who have been requesting them.

The big brother and little sister before bed last night
when Trip was reading to them:

Another cute picture of Harding from yesterday:

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