Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling encouraged

So, yes...Shelby will be having surgery sometime tomorrow afternoon. Trip and my dad are on their way right now so that Trip can be there when we meet with the attending who will be performing the surgery (Dr. Grant). Anyway, the resident neurosurgeon I met with this morning was very thorough and made me feel hopeful about Shelby and her potential for leading a normal life. She talked about the plasticity of the infant brain and how the connections that were damaged could be taken over by other parts of the brain. Of course, only time will tell how this damage will affect Shelby over the long term. But, bottom line she is having surgery tomorrow afternoon for the "placement of a right frontal ventriculoperitoneal shunt". The best part about all of this is that if everything goes well, sometime between Sunday and Tuesday we will be bringing our baby girl home!!!
Trip will kill me for saying this, but watching Grey's Anatomy since Season 1 is really paying off here at Duke. :) I feel like I know the lingo....residents, attendings, etc. It was cool being there for rounds this morning. I got to listen to the Pediatric ICU Group and the Neurosurgery Group. I withheld the urge to ask the residents about what happens in the "on-call room" here at Duke. Just back upstairs to the Pediatric ICU for another feeding...

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  1. I am praying for y'all. Just have not been able to get y'all off of my mind. My God's peace be with all of you these next few days!