Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to survive winter on top of a mountain 101

1. Capitalize on any day that is sunny and 60 + degrees (we had one glorious weekend like that at the beginning of February).
Trip is pulling Shelby in the bike trailer that the Gillilands have generously handed down to us. 

Harding hamming it up for the camera. 

Old Fort, NC

2. Stock up on the essentials for lots of time indoors: fuzzy slippers, firewood, books, beer.

Shelby loves her bunny slippers Nana!

My new chair has turned into Harding's favorite reading spot.
3. Remember that cousins make great playmates. Thank goodness for our next-door neighbors!

4. Do what you gotta do to get down the driveway and get to work, school, etc....

The Polaris is great for transporting down to the bottom of the driveway, where we leave our vehicles during snow/ice storms. But, its a cold ride to the bottom. 
Chains!! These made a huge difference.
5. Enjoy the long-range winter soon as the trees leaf out again, we won't be able to see the mountains surrounding our house. 

We did it--we survived our first winter on Kinnaird mountain! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Soaring Eagle

Shelby's school has a program a few times a year called the Soaring Eagle ceremony. It is a really big deal. The teachers and teacher assistants pick one child from each class to recognize because of their academic growth or character. We were invited to attend the ceremony last Friday because Shelby was among the recipients. All the students and teachers come to the auditorium for the ceremony and each teacher reads a speech about their class's soaring eagle. Shelby's teacher wrote a beautiful speech that really captured the essence of our girl:

Our class's choice for Soaring Eagle stood out quite clearly. She not only exemplifies the 3 R's (Respectful, Resourceful, and Responsible) but has shown us all what the 4th R is...Relational. Relationships are intertwined with being Respectful, Resourceful, and Responsible and Shelby shows us this on a daily basis. She meets you once and remembers your name. She remembers specific things about each individual, and reminds us how important it is to really know and love people. Shelby is brave, facing her fears and courageously persevering in even the hard things. She is one of the most independent little girls I've met, with a sense of humor and whit that is sure to brighten anyone's day. We are so proud of Shelby Kinnaird for being our Soaring Eagle. Congratultions, Shelby!! We love you! 

There were many teary eyes as Shelby came across that stage to get her award and it was wonderful hearing everyone clap for her. Her teacher assistant told us later that she kept saying, "Yay, Shelby Kinnaird" when she got back to the classroom. This ceremony confirmed for us what we already knew--Shelby is finding her place at school and the people there love her and really get her!