Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Potty Princess

One of my summer goals has been to get Shelby comfortable sitting on the potty. We help her pull her pants and diaper down, and then lift her on to the potty. She has gone from screaming every time we put her on it, to sitting on it and singing and bouncing, to accidentally peeing on the potty, to telling us when she needs to sit on it, to going on it about 50% of the time (both #1 and #2). She has certainly exceeded my expectations for her in the bathroom this summer and I am very proud of her. I am still hesitant to get her out of diapers though...I don't want to push too much or put any kind of pressure on her when it comes to the potty. She gets more than enough pushing from us in other areas of her development. For now, we are going to continue doing what we're doing and see what happens.

Harding's 1st Race

Harding has enthusiastically cheered me on in several races that I've done and had expressed some interest in doing a race of his own. We signed him up for the Bele Chere family fun run and he has been "training" for three weeks by running around our block (0.7 mile). Running with Harding is amusing because he runs his mouth faster than his legs, and I've enjoyed our time training together. He begged MoMo and Bop to come watch him race this morning and warned them that he would wave to them when he saw them, but couldn't stop and talk because it was a race. He also told them to cheer loudly, which they did! 
Pre-race, Harding was excited!

Lined up at the start (H hated all the waiting). Notice that every kid was #1. :)

A good action shot...

Showing our family solidarity....the last bit of the race was uphill and Trip and I had to practically drag him. :)

About to cross the finish line!

Post-race pose with Harding's ribbon.

Harding with his loyal fans! Thanks for the support MoMo, Bop, and Shelby!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Max Patch

The next time we visit Max Patch, it will not be in the middle of summer. It is a beautiful spot with 360 degree views and no shade. There were bees buzzing around, and Trip got stung while rescuing Shelby from one of them during our picnic. We did manage to have a lot of fun hiking on the bald mountain that is so reminiscent of the opening scene in The Sound of Music. Instead of singing "The Hills Are Alive" though, we belted out Shelby requests like Old McDonald.

Our picnic spot

Shelby did a bit of hiking too!

Notice Harding's newest missing tooth? His smile keeps changing and getting cuter!

Harding took this one.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Atlanta wedding

Trip and I attended a friend's wedding in Atlanta at the beginning of June. The reception was at the Cherokee Town Club in Buckhead, so we felt very posh in our fancy clothes and had a great time catching up with old friends from high school and college. We left the kids in Asheville with my parents and it was really nice to sleep in Sunday morning too.

Loved wearing this dress borrowed from my sis. The shoes were also on loan from my friend Nicole.

Trip looking a bit like Don Draper. Any other Madmen fans out there?  

Graham and Blair

Just two Georgia Tech guys posing in front of the Ramblin' Wreck. Go Jackets!

Trip went to high school with all but two of the people in this photo. Sorry about the picture quality.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Since I got my iPhone last November, I have used Instagram religously to take pictures. I share some of these on facebook, but have noticed how some people turn instagram pictures into a collage and then put it on their blogs. I just learned how to do this are some of our instagram pictures from the past month or so: