Wednesday, March 3, 2010

snow days in pj's, etc...

We've had another couple of snow days here in the mountains. At our house, that means you get to stay in your pajamas till at least noon and if Harding begs persuasively enough, you get to have waffles for breakfast.

Shelby has become interested in Harding's dancing Elmo doll, which has made Harding decide that he likes Elmo again too. Elmo is great for a child with a visual impairment because he is solid red, moves and makes noise.

We've been trying to think of things that will motivate Shelby to use her left arm and hand. She loves to splash that right hand in the bathtub. We had a breakthrough the other day on the floor with this bowl of water.

Also, we all signed Shelby's therapy cast. Maybe the signatures will cover up how dirty it is, unfortunately they won't cover up its smell. Maybe I'll try Febreeze on it. If we do this therapy again, I will know to cover the cast with a plastic grocery bag during meals.

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  1. We've had a renaissance of Elmo here, too! Jackson ditched him for about 2 years, but then Jenna discovered him and we're back to thinking about bugs, talking to Dorothy, and getting incorrect answers from Mr. Noodle. :)