Sunday, February 28, 2010

Constraint Therapy Update

We're almost two weeks into Shelby's 3-week stint with the cast on. The cast is now filthy and somehow, Shelby has figured out how to wiggle out of it twice this weekend (which may become a problem). I told Shelby's PT and OT on Friday that this therapy has been successful in many subtle ways, but that I was hoping for more dramatic results. Shelby is definitely engaging her left arm more. It is much more loose, and no longer hangs down by her side most of the time. She is also not fisting her hand as much. I was hoping that she would learn to take her paci out of her mouth and put it back in with the left hand. Yesterday, I turned around and saw her doing exactly that. Very exciting stuff. Check it out:

I'm interested to see how she does after we finish this three weeks with the cast on. I know that her left arm will regress to some extent because she will be able to use her preferred right arm. However, I think that casting has helped her to be aware that she has a left arm--hopefully she'll continue to put it to some use.

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