Friday, March 19, 2010

ACC Basketball Championship

Who says that you can't do anything spontaneous after having children? Well, me. I have said it countless times. Last weekend, Trip and I proved me wrong. I think March Madness must have gotten to us...

It would be a huge understatement to say that Trip is a very big fan of all sports involving his alma mater, Georgia Tech. Here he and Harding are, posing with the GT cheerleaders in front of the Ramblin' Wreck a couple years ago:

Tech was playing a great ACC tournament in Greensboro this past weekend. We watched them win their game in the semi-finals on Saturday. Before going to bed that night, Trip and I kept talking about how much fun it would be to actually go to the final game on Sunday. When we woke up that morning, Trip said (joking), that we needed to leave in about an hour to make it to the game on time. I think that he was shocked when I said, let's go! Anyway, we actually managed to get both kids dressed in their Georgia Tech gear (provided by my sister Chris), snacks and drinks and diapers and camera packed, and out the door in a little over an hour. Sadly, the only thing that I forgot was the card to my digital camera. And unfortunately, Georgia Tech did not win. They trailed behind Duke the entire game, but the outcome actually came down to the last couple seconds and we had such a great time cheering them on.

Harding did not pay attention to much of the game, but he loved the energy in the place and had a good time watching his favorite mascot, Buzz dance around. Shelby was scared at first because it was so loud in the Greensboro Colliseum, but she eventually settled in and kept dancing to the band's music.

Anyway, GT has a pretty tough bracket for the NCAA tournament. They play their first game against Oklahoma State tonight. The Kinnairds will definitely be watching (on television this time). Go Jackets!!

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