Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my boy

Harding has taken to calling me "mom" recently. At the dinner table tonight he said, "Could you please get me some more milk, mom?" I knew that this would happen eventually, but I'm trying to delay it as much as possible. He currently fluctuates between calling me "my mommy", "mommy", "mama" and occasionally "mom". I am okay with the first three titles ("my mommy" is my favorite, though). In my mind, "mom" is what kids call their moms when they no longer prefer you over anyone else in the world. "Mom" is what kids call their moms when they become too cool to tell them they love them in front of other people. I know Harding hasn't reached that point yet, but it still makes me sad to hear "mom" when he is only three years old. He is still my boy, always will be. I'm not quite ready to be relegated to mom status. Harding loves to experiment with different words and phrases that he has heard other people use. Hopefully this whole "mom" thing is just something he is trying out and it won't stick.


  1. I love that kid! I was so excited when he was born, and I loved being "Bokey" until he could say Brookey.

  2. You know what my parents did? They told me, I don't like being called Mom. Or Dad. Whomever I was talking to. They said they preferred Mama and Papa. And I said ok. And that was that. And I still call them that. Just a thought! I miss you!