Friday, March 5, 2010

bad hair day

Shelby's neurologist wants to get a better idea of what (if anything) is going on with her seizures so he ordered a 24 hour EEG study. Basically, they superglue all the electrodes to her head, wrap it with gauze, and send her home attached to portable monitoring equipment. We haven't gotten the results yet.

Here is Shelby all wrapped up and snuggling with her "MoMo". The poor girl has a hip brace, a therapy cast on, and electrodes glued to her head. Thank goodness the electrodes are now off and we'll be through with the cast on Tuesday.

Did I mention that they GLUED those things to Shelby's head? Her hair was coming in so beautifully too.... They told me I would be able to get this glue out with baby oil over the course of a week. I'm skeptical.

Today is her 9-month birthday. I guess we won't have professional photos taken this weekend. This business of glue matted all in my pretty daughter's hair has me very upset, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

When a girl has a bad hair day, they either put it in a ponytail or wear a hat. Luckily Shelby has plenty of hats.

Happy birthday little 9-month-old! I love you so much. We'll have pictures taken in a couple weeks.


  1. Having had the glue in my hair I can attest that it will come out...eventually....


  2. And she smiles through it all! What a trooper :)

  3. She's so beautiful! I adore her and honestly, she makes my Thursday mornings so Much FUN!!!!!

  4. as her granddaddy Pete and I can truthfully, perhaps poignantly, say: at least she HAS hair ! Not sure we can even remember the days when rain drops didn't HURT ! Blessings to all of you, as you continue in my daily prayers and will. peace, Nat