Friday, February 12, 2010

Persnickity Click

When we went to the beach last October, Matt started telling Harding stories about Persnickity Click. This adventurous character has become Harding's alterego and he is forever asking me and everyone else to tell him another story about Persnickity Click. Unfortunately, no one tells stories as well as Uncle Matt. Lucky for us, Matt and Ashlee just finished making Harding his very own book about Persnickity and his little sister Susie. See if any of the people in the illustrations look familiar to you.

Thanks Matt and Ash. We look forward to the next edition.... Until then, we will continue to read this book five times a day because Harding can't get enough.


  1. That book is an awesome idea!!! Very cool and amazing things to read about Shelby too.

  2. that might be the most precious thing I've ever seen in my entire life...what a lucky nephew and niece!