Sunday, February 14, 2010

Too much snow?

I am a Georgia girl, and a teacher to boot. The prospect of snow has been known to make me too giddy to sleep. I did not get nearly enough sledding time in as a child. Plus, its usually so nice to have an unexpected teacher work day without students when the roads are too snowy for school buses. It takes a whole lot of snow for me to think we've gotten too much! We've gotten a ton of snow this winter...I'm over it! Thank goodness I'm on maternity leave, because Spring Break has already been taken away and it looks like there will have to be several sessions of Saturday school to make up for all the days we have missed. There was a good bit of snow on the ground yesterday, and we didn't even go outside to play in it. So I included a picture from the first snow we got (back in the old days when snow was exciting). We're looking forward to Spring and sunny days outside!

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