Sunday, May 6, 2012

whirlwind Atlanta weekend cont'd...

As the tour bus left downtown Atlanta in rush hour traffic to go back to Asheville that Friday, Harding and I caught a cab to my friend Melanie's house in East Atlanta Village for a relaxing evening. We had a delicious dinner, I got to snuggle sweet baby Abram and visit with Melanie and Jeremy, and Harding and 2-year-old Henry played together happily. It was a perfect evening, the kind that Melanie and I wish we could do on a regular basis!

Harding and Henry

Trip and Shelby picked us up that evening and we spent the night and next morning at his grandparents' house in Decatur catching up. I wish I had taken pictures at Gene and Betty's, but it didn't occur to me since I was so worn out from our busy day.

On Saturday we headed to Zoo Atlanta for my niece Riley's birthday. Harding said, "I sure am seeing a lot of animals this weekend!"

After the Zoo, we went to Chris and Grant's house for Riley's birthday party. At this time, Shelby had another vomiting spell, so as soon as the party was ending, we headed home to Asheville. We got home around 11 on Saturday night and it was really nice sleeping in our own bed. Except for the vomiting, this was a lovely weekend, even if it was a whirlwind trip.

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