Saturday, May 5, 2012


For the third year in a row, Harding has suffered from terrible seasonal allergies. His eyes are the most noticeable...they weep constantly and swell shut with crust every night. This quickly turns to conjunctivitis. But then there is the sneezing and sniffling to contend with as well. We decided a trip to the allergist was in order, and low and behold, my boy turned out to be allergic to EVERYTHING! Well almost everything....he is not allergic to sweet gum trees or roaches. I had no idea how badly Harding had probably been feeling, hello mommy guilt! Anyway, H was brave throughout the tests and did not cry once, but he made some pretty funny faces.

This is one minute after they did the general allergy test....the nurse came in and said, "whoah"! I didn't get a picture of what his back looked like after ten minutes, but there were large welts everywhere.

This is when the nurse came in to do some more specific testing using injections. We are still trying to figure out if Harding should go through the long process of regular allergy shots. He is now using flonase daily and some very strong antihistamine eye drops (in addition to zyrtec). This regimin is making a huge difference, but he is also finished with the bad part of allergy season. I just can't decide what to do....
Harding enjoyed all the attention he recieved during this process....he goes to a lot of Shelby's doctor appointments and I think he enjoyed the limelight. He kept showing everyone his back and arm for the rest of the weekend.

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