Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sippy Cup - Check!

We have a lot of goals we are working on with Shelby right now (drinking by herself, eating solid foods, feeding herself, pulling up, standing, crawling, walking, more use of her left arm, vision, etc). With that much going on, it can be hard to dedicate enough time to any one goal. As a result it seems like she progresses in each area, but achieving the actual goal can take a long time. That makes it really nice when we can accomplish one of our goals, and then focus more time on other areas.

I really believe that Shelby is physically capable of achieving many of our listed goals, but pretty much just does them when she is good and ready. For example, yesterday, Shelby decided it would be a good idea to start drinking from a sippy cup on her own. Again, she has been physically able to lift a cup to her mouth for quite a while now, but never showed any desire in (indeed resisted) drinking on her own. But now she does it like it's no big deal.

We also think she's close to a few of her other goals like pulling up consistently, and crawling on hands and knees. I am sure one day we will find her doing both of those like she's been doing it for months.

Pictures to follow.

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