Monday, April 11, 2011

Y Soccer

Harding is playing soccer for the YMCA this spring. This is his first venture with organized sports, and the first game was on Saturday. We figured soccer would be a good sport to start with since he loves to run around and since Harding has been watching Trip play on Sunday afternoons since he was a baby. The first game went about how we expected it would. I think he had fun, which is the important thing.

Here are the Batmen huddled together after scoring a goal for the other team:
Harding pretty much kept a commentary going with us as we watched from the sidelines the entire game. He wanted our reassurance of what he was supposed to do, asking questions like, "So its okay to take the ball from the yellow team, right?". Here he is demonstrating his batman skills. He takes the team name a little too seriously.
At this point, all the players were at the other goal and Harding says, "Hey look at me Daddy, I'm a helicoptor." Not Trip's proudest moment, but it was hilarious just the same.

Other memorable moments included Harding running off his field in the middle of the game and onto his buddy Derek's field in the middle of their game to play with him. He didn't quite understand about staying within the lines. We quickly bribed Harding with ice cream if he finished out the game.

Here H is with teammate and family friend Sofi after the game.
We delivered on our promise of post-game ice cream. They both chose chocolate.

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