Friday, April 8, 2011

OT woes...

So for a while now, I have been thinking that Shelby's occupational therapist wasn't the best fit for our family. She (through no fault of her own) doesn't have the schedule flexibility to meet with us at home in the afternoons or on weekends. Around the time of Shelby's three weeks of constraint therapy, our service coordinator began looking for other OT options for us. Another pediatric OT with constraint therapy experience and an excellent reputation had a spot that was opening up in mid-March and we decided that we would make the switch to her. Then at the last minute, Trip and I changed our minds because we felt we hadn't given Shelby's current OT (who we like personally and who Shelby responds well to) a fair shot. We communicated our needs and wishes to her and she agreed to work with Shelby at home once a month in the afternoons when I could be there. Then last week we found out that she was drastically reducing her contract hours and would only be available to work with Shelby once a week at 12:30 (right smack in the middle of nap time). I frantically called the OT whose available spot we had just turned down and it was already filled. Not only that, but there are no OTs that contract through early intervention who have openings right now in our area. So now Shelby is left without occupational therapy at all during a time when she desperately needs it. She is using her left hand and arm more than ever and I would like her to continue to make strides. We're in the process of trying to get her some OT appointments through the hospital and hopefully there will be an opening soon through early intervention. I will never again hesitate to follow my gut when it comes to making decisions for my children. Lesson learned, but I hate that it was at Shelby's expense. Also, if you are exploring career options right now, I suggest becoming an OT. They are certainly not hurting for work in this economy!

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  1. Makes me want to cuss for you... I had similiar woes with EI speech. But remember, with or without a regular OT, Shelby will continue to progress as she grows, matures, and developes. Yes, some will come from OT but much of it will come naturally as Shelby is ready. This has been my experience and I feel like Shelby and Oia are parallel in abilities. Besides, I'm sure you do "OT" at home without even thinking about it. Don't beat yourself up, you do a fine job and Shelby won't suffer from this one bit.