Friday, April 8, 2011

Riley is 1!

I just went through the pictures on my camera card and realized that I never posted pictures I had intended to back in March. It has been a crazy month, with me taking mid-terms, Shelby being pretty sick for an extended period of time (thank goodness she is finally better), and all the OT stuff. Shelby had a severe cold the weekend of Riley's 1st birthday party, so Trip stayed in Asheville and snuggled with her while Harding and I made the trek to Atlanta by ourselves. It was a great party (with everything a one-year-old could want).

Riley wore the same snazzy outfit that Shelby wore to her first birthday party.

She learned how to properly eat a cupcake from an expert.

She got to hang out with her doting Aunt Tiff.

And there was bubble fun with her two older boy cousins.

It was a great day, and I was glad that Harding and I were able to be there for all the festivities. Love this sweet little girl.

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