Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Spring Break in pictures

Prepare yourselves. This is a lengthy one. Here's what we've been up to:

Hanging out in our pajamas till mid-morning.

Getting some work done on our land. See for pictures.

Meeting our buddies to play at the park. Driving to Virginia to visit Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins Learning how to drive a tractor there:

Supervising the tractor driving with my cousin Samuel:Snuggling with Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cambridge: More snuggles with cousin Allie Grace: Meeting friends at Maymont Park in Richmond (Mo and Oia from Unexpected Lessons).

Harding and Oia were like two peas in a pod. They played nonstop, giving Mo and I plenty of time to chat. Maymont has an indoor nature center with river otters. Shelby was in the midst of throwing a major tantrum when she noticed them and finally settled down to get acquainted with one:

Otter kisses?It was nice to finally meet Mo and Oia in person....we've been communicating through email and following each other's blogs for awhile now. I'm glad to know them and was thrilled that Harding and Oia hit it off.

There were tornado watches and severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, but then the sun came out in the evening and Harding was inspired by the puddles between Dearing's and Stephen and Cambridge's houses. Muddy joined in on the fun (living up to his name, maybe). These two were babies at the same time. Maybe they still share that bond. Harding, Shelby and I have had a wonderful week together. We missed Trip (who was saving his vacation time for this summer) and it is great to be home now. I'm sad the break is over though...back to the grind tomorrow. But summer is just around the corner and I'll have two whole months to hang out with my family nonstop then. I love this one of Harding running down my Aunt Dearing's driveway....he really had the best time staying there (as did I).

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  1. So glad to have met you all too! :0) Great pictures!