Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picture Woes

On Sunday, we attended the annual Christmas tea at my grandmother's nursing home. They always have professional photographers on hand to take pictures of family members attending the tea. Here's what we got.

I actually think this photo is pretty hilarious. It was the best of several attempts. Harding was being impish and uncooperative. Shelbs was simply not having it. I finally had the brilliant idea of bribing Harding with chocolate. That worked instantly. But at that same point Shelby was done (and so were the rest of us). So we had Harding take a picture with just Burney and it turned out completely adorable.

Chocolate is a huge motivator for Harding--he comes by it honestly. I plan to use this to my advantage again in the near future. If only it worked with his little sister...

Shelby is difficult to photograph to say the least. She does not sit still or smile for the camera. We had a snow day yesterday, and I decided to order our Christmas photocards while the kids were napping. As I sifted through all our picture files, I was once again reminded of how impossible it is to capture Shelby and Harding smiling (or even looking at the camera) at the same time. Don't think I am striving for perfection, I just want to get a decent, card-worthy shot of the four of us.

(Picture taken of Shelby Frances last October. Doesn't she look mischevious? This is actually a pretty accurate representation of her personality...the little stinker!)


  1. We often bribe Oia with chocolate too.... smart kids, uh?

  2. I can totally relate. I'm pretty sure we ARE NOT sending out Christmas cards this year b/c I simply cannot get the picture I want...or one even close to it!

  3. It's nearly impossible to get a decent picture of my Owen. I just set the camera on continuous shoot and take a few hundred pictures while I'm jumping up and down like an idiot trying to get his attention. Out of 243 pictures taken this year for the Christmas card I got ONE of him looking towards the camera. Most of the time I'll get zero.