Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neurology Appt.

(Shelby's Braille Alphabet Blocks from Aunt Ash and Uncle Matt)

Dr. Grant, the neurosurgeon called me before Christmas with the news that not only did the mri show that Shelby's shunt is in proper working order, but that her brain is growing! We knew this from the 18-month head measurements at the pediatrician, but I still harbored a small fear leftover from the radiologist's report that maybe her head was swollen or under pressure. Thankfully that is not the case.

Shelby had bloodwork to check her Keppra (seizure medication) levels and an EEG on December 23rd. We went to see Dr. Poplawski yesterday to get the results. Shelby's EEG showed abnormal epileptiform discharges in two different parts of her brain. This is not surprising since Shelby's brain is not typical, but it basically means that she is very prone to seizures (which we knew). Even though we have only noticed seizures a few times, and not at all since October, the doctor thinks it would be detrimental to take her off the Keppra. This is fine with Trip and me, because Shelby doesn't seem to have any side effects on this medicine. If she starts to have more frequent seizure episodes, then we may increase her dosage.

Dr. P was very impressed with Shelby's development over the past 6 months--especially with how much her cortical visual impairment has improved. We're done with doctor appointments for awhile....yippee! (As you can see below, Shelby is in complete agreement with this sentiment).

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  1. Hooray for good news and being done with doctor appointments for awhile! That picture is too cute, I love it!