Sunday, December 12, 2010

visitors and pre-holiday snow

My friend Melanie came to town yesterday with her 17 month old, Henry. Melanie and I took Shelby and Henry on a very baby-friendly outing...antique shopping. Luckily they were willing to hang out in their strollers and (for the most part) behave. Last night, Trip watched the kids while Melanie and I went out to dinner. It was so nice to get to relax and catch up with my old friend over wine and a ridiculously good meal.

We woke up this morning to a couple inches of slushy snow on the ground. Henry got to walk around in it for the first time. Isn't he cute?
My little snow bunny. First snowball fight of the year.
Whoops! Daddy accidentally got him in the face.
Hot chocolate cures everything!
A great weekend, which will likely continue as long as we don't lose power.....

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