Monday, July 12, 2010

Chromey Photos

It is so convenient having a photographer right across the street from us. Chris generously offered to take some shots of the kids one morning a couple weeks ago. Harding and Chris's son Isaac are big buddies though, so Harding wanted to play instead of sitting still for the camera (as usual). We decided to let them play with their trucks for a little while....

And we took pictures of just Shelby, who is an incredibly difficult subject. Trying to get a visually impaired child to look towards the camera and laugh is so challenging because she can't see things that aren't real close.

I think Chris, his daughter Meisha, and I were all blowing raspberries to get this toothy grin:

Eventually we were able to entice Harding to come over and sit down. But at this point, Shelby was done with being cooperative.

Is it weird that I really really love this particular picture? I'm definitely going to get it framed. It pretty much sums up the morning. Thanks for being so patient with us neighbor!

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