Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

, Even though it was rainy yesterday and Trunk or Treat was cancelled at church, we still managed to have a wonderful Halloween. Harding dressed up as a monkey. He actually wore the same costume last year, but since it still fit him and he didn't remember wearing it previously, we went with it again. Trip and I were prepared for Harding to be afraid of people in masks or scary costumes, but he wasn't at all. He got really into trick-or-treating and didn't want to hold our hands as we walked up to people's doors. The whole West Asheville Halloween scene was totally surreal--all the houses were decked out with scary decor and the streets were packed with costumed children and adults. I felt like we were in the movie ET. On the way home, Harding kept saying, "I think I like candy!". In fact, he wanted to start in on eating his "loot" at 7 this morning.

Harding and Trip carving the pumpkin grown by Barbara and John:
Shelby and her monkey brother:

Harding with our sweet next-door neighbor, Haven:

Do you see what I mean about West Asheville?
Happy Halloween!

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