Friday, October 30, 2009

Spiderman can't do it!

If you have hung out with us within the last year, then you know that Harding has been OBSESSED with Thomas and Friends and trains for a long time. Trip and I are glad that his interests seem to be broadening lately. Don't get me wrong, he still loves Thomas and will play with his train set on the floor for long periods of time. But he also likes playing with cars and kicking the soccer ball too. He'll even watch Wonder Pets instead of Thomas while I get dinner ready in the evening before Trip gets home from work. He's also interested in Superheroes, which is really fun. The other day, Trip overheard Harding singing a hilarious version of the spiderman theme song. It went something like this, "Spiderman, Spiderman, If no one can do it, He can't do it!". Reassuring, huh?

Here are some recent pictures:

Daddy's girl:

Couch Potatoes:

Harding and I at the Knight's Chilly Chili Cookoff:

Harding showing off his muscles:

Shelby in her Sunday finest:

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  1. Harding's song cracks me up. He is such a doll. And can I just say that Shelby has the most beautiful smile!!! So precious.