Thursday, October 15, 2009


Shelby is starting to track some objects! I noticed before we went on vacation that when placed on her belly and supported by a bolster, Shelby would follow a flashing "light-chaser" toy that her VIT (visually impaired teacher) loaned us back and forth by moving her head as I moved the toy. She also seems like she might be looking at other things when they are very close to her, but it is really tough to tell. For example, she seemed interested in a tennis ball that Barbara found at the Folly Beach park, especially when we helped her touch it with her hand. She absolutely loves to play with an "emergency blanket" that her VIT gave us. It is silver and shiny and makes a great crinkly noise. Yesterday, she definitely followed it with her eyes back and forth when I was showing it to her on our way home from the beach. All of this is so encouraging! The neurologist told us that her vision will continue to improve as her brain learns to use it and re-routes itself, but it is wonderful to actually witness this happening.

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