Thursday, August 15, 2013

Washington D.C. (Day 2)

Trip's Uncle and Aunt live in Manassas, VA--not far outside DC, so we spent Thursday night with them. They fed us really well Thursday night and Friday morning and we enjoyed catching up with them before heading back into the city on Friday. We had a loose agenda for the day with plans to eat dinner with my cousin and her husband in the city that evening while the traffic died down. We arrived at the mall and immediately found a great parking space at the WWII memorial. It was HOT and crowded at the Lincoln Memorial, but the view from was great and Harding had been interested in Abraham Lincoln. We walked alongside the reflection pool to find a great picnic spot in the shade. After that, we checked out the WWII Memorial and then saw the Washington Monument and the White House (from afar). We had plans to go to the Natural History Museum in the afternoon, but the kids started having meltdowns and Trip and I realized at 2:00 that if we wanted to leave the city, it needed to be immediately in order to beat the Friday afternoon traffic. We decided to quit while we were ahead and hit the road before the good day turned bad. Both kids were exhausted and napped in the car as we headed out. 

Obligatory Photo-op in front of the White House...they don't let you get as close as they used to. 

Harding and Me from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial...the reflection pool is behind us and Harding was disappointed that it wasn't a pool you can swim in. 

Hey there, President Lincoln!

Finally a pool he was allowed to wade in....this is at the WWII Memorial
I loved going to DC with Harding and seeing all the sights with him....I'll be excited to bring him back when he's a bit older. Its nice that we have family in the area to help us make that possible. Next time we will not go in August and the kids will have the attention spans for even more sight seeing. All in all, it was a great couple days!

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  1. This is so awesome! What a great trip! Thanks for sharing you guys. I'm so glad yall got to visit Grandpa's grave-so special. Love yall