Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Touring DC (Day 1)

Trip and I were so excited to take Harding to DC(and Harding has been pumped about it all summer long). But we were realistic about planning this trip....we knew that it would be extremely hot in August--and crowded. And we knew that we couldn't plan too much with a four and six-year-old in tow. My sister and Grant were kind enough to lend us their BOB stroller, which made it much better for Shelby and everyone else. On day one, we sat in a ton of construction traffic on I-95, but finally made it to Arlington National Cemetery around lunch time. My children are usually troopers in the car and this trip has been no exception (thankfully). 
We tried to prepare Harding for all the walking he was going to do--it was still tough for him in the heat, but his whining was minimal. 
This photo was taken in front of Arlington House...we loved this view of DC and the mall. 

Harding was completely mesmerized by the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I was impressed at how he managed to stay quiet (of course it helped that a soldier with a gun had demanded silence before the ceremony began). 
The highlight of the trip for me was visiting my grandfather's grave at Arlington and showing it to Harding and Trip. 

President Kennedy's grave. Harding actually got "talked to" by a guard for not keeping his voice down here on this hallowed ground. 
We left Arlington around 2:30 and were really glad to get back into our air conditioned car. Our next stop was the Air and Space museum at Dulles. Harding LOVED this museum and literally bounced around talking a mile a minute the entire time we were in there. 

Love this picture of my "little tourists" going into the Air and Space museum together. 

Harding was immediately blown away by this view as we walked in!

Dave Matthews lyrics running through anyone's head here? 
The Shuttle Discovery....SO COOL (and so big)!

Standing under the Space Shuttle Discovery
Shelby--clearly unimpressed by space shuttles! This stroller REALLY helped. Thanks Moss family!

We chose not to talk with Harding about this part of American time.

I was impressed by the Tomcat....loved the movie Top Gun. 

Trip couldn't stop singing "My Way To The Danger Zone" here. I made Harding take a picture of me with my Maverick. :)

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