Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kinnaird Kiddos Portrait Session

As soon as I found out Shelby was having surgery, I booked a professional photographer to come take pictures of the kids. I was thinking they would have to shave a whole lot more of Shelby's hair and that I would be forced to chop it off post-surgery (thankfully I didn't). Our go-to picture takers (and good friends), Chris Chromey and Julie Gilliland were all out of town, but luckily Bren was available and willing to come out to our land to take these precious pictures of my babies. It was hot, we were all sweating and working hard to get the kids to cooperate, but Bren did a wonderful job of capturing Shelby's gorgeous curls and silliness, Harding's sweetness, and my nephew Landen's adorable 18 month goofiness. With so many good ones, it was hard to pick which pictures we wanted to order. Thanks so much Bren--loved working with you and love your work:

Handsome boy.

Love them.

I was probably tickling her here.

Hobbit Landen...18 months old and completely precious!

We really needed a picture of all three. Harding did his best to get Shelby and Landen to cooperate. Not too bad!
This one makes me smile!

The Kinnaird boys.

My new facebook profile pic. :)

Love how they are holding hands in this one.

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