Sunday, May 5, 2013


We're currently experiencing the "showers" part of springtime this Cinco de Mayo. Thus far, 2013 spring weather has been quite varied. It snowed during spring break:
Harding got to use this nifty snowball shaper that Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cambridge gave him for Christmas.
Shelby Frances WALKING in the snow for the first time! She loved it!
Playing outside when its cold and snowy calls for a warm bubble baths:

The yucky un-spring-like weather provided Trip and me with time to catch up on movies we wanted to see and some antiquing. We bought these chairs for the dining room table at the new house: 
We plan to have chairs on one side and a wooden bench on the other. My father-in-law is making us the table. :)
But then the sun (sort of) came out in time for Easter weekend. My long-time friend Emily came to visit. We got some hiking in AND we visited a few of the Asheville breweries:
Burney and Shelby enjoyed some quality snuggle time during the church service Easter Sunday:

We had some absolutely gorgeous days in April. Shelby got to have a PT session outside at the park (which is good because Harding gets to enjoy himself there too). And we've had OT out on the front porch a few times. Shelby is working on throwing the ball with both hands and then catching it when Harding rolls it to her....we are trying to encourage more reciprocal play. I love this picture of her and Adam:

Now that my THREE grad classes are over this semester (never again), I'm coming out of a four-month blogging and social hiatus and we're looking forward to lots of family and friends time outside. We're off to eat Mexican food with friends now for Cinco de Mayo...

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  1. I just LOVE all of these updates! You all have been up to so much while you've been bustin butt in those classes, T! So excited for your new puppy and that the kids are doing great! Love yall!