Sunday, May 5, 2013

IEP update

Its been a year since Shelby started Head Start and it has been such a positive experience for her. She has flourished over the past year and it is a testament to Shelby herself--and the dedication and hard work of her teachers and therapists. Last Monday, Trip and I met with Shelby's teachers and therapists to update her IEP (individual education plan). It was wonderful to sit for an hour with Shelby's team and share our hopes and dreams for her and to hear the specific goals that everyone has for her to achieve in the next year for vision, math, reading readiness, OT, PT, and speech. This next year is crucial for Shelby as she prepares for kindergarten and I am glad that she will be in the same classroom with all of the same people working with her. By the way, check out the great use of "lefty" in the photo above (taken by my friend Megan who works for the school system). 

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