Saturday, December 29, 2012

Harding 2012

Harding's Kindergarten School Picture (Fall 2012)
Harding is now 6-years-old. Recently at school, he realized that he could read by himself. He brought his teacher the book he was reading at the time (The Mitten) and proudly read it to her without a hitch. She sent Harding to the principal with the book and a "positive office referral". Harding got to read the book out loud to the principal and she recognized him over the intercom during afternoon announcements. Mrs. McClure informed Trip and me that The Mitten is a 2nd grade book (I realize that I am shamelessly bragging about my child, but this is my blog and I can brag here if I want to). Anyway, Harding is very much into reading on his own right now and since Trip and I are both bookworms ourselves, we could not be happier about this development.

He is also interested in drawing, coloring, and writing notes and he will spend hours sitting at the table working on pictures of superheroes, Star Wars characters, vampires, and scenes from Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry Potter, we just finished reading the first book to him, and watched the movie together as a family last week. Harding absolutely loved it, but I think we will wait another year before reading any more of that series since it is a bit scary.

Harding is also very active physically these days. He's always been fairly uncoordinated, but seems to have figured out to move around in his own body and control it a little better this year. He loves to ride bikes with his neighbor buddies and he is constantly running, jumping, and kicking around the house practicing his ninja moves (complete with sound effects). We signed Harding up for basketball this winter, and he has loved going to practices and learning how to shoot the ball and dribble. He is still figuring it out, but loves every second of being there with his buddies and running around. The games start in January and should be interesting. Harding is pretty laid back and seems to love participating in whatever comes his way. He is still the sweetest older brother I have ever seen. He helps Shelby (and us) in countless ways and delights in making her laugh or snuggling with her on the couch and reading to her. I am starting to see why they say Kindergarten through 4th grade is the golden age of childhood. We are certainly enjoying Harding at this age.


  1. I love reading these posts about both H-man and Shelbs. Such amazing kids! Watching them grow up is so much fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing, T. I echo your sentiments, he's such a sweet boy!