Saturday, June 30, 2012

summer of the allergy shot :(

I just know that when Harding starts kindergarten in the fall, they will have some type of assignment where he has to write about or draw what he did all summer....Harding will probably draw himself receiving allergy shots. We decided to bite the bullet and undergo immunotherapy (shots) in hopes that he never has to endure another spring like this past one that was full of sneezing, wheezing, and oozing infected eyes. These shots are quite the commitment though. Harding has to get 28 sets of 3 shots in before he is at the maintenance stage where he only goes once every other week. That means that every weekday we are in town this summer, we go to the allergist and H gets three shots. Sounds like a kid's version of hell, right? After the first few rounds, Harding has gotten used to the routine and he has befriended every nurse and receptionist there. His favorite nurse is Katrina (pictured above), because she knows just how he likes the cold spray, then gets the bandaids ready so that they can go on immediately after he gets each shot.

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  1. Hey, tell Harding that I am thinking about him because I know about those allergy shots.
    John gives mine to me at home once a week.
    I don't think we ever had the cold spray... does that help ease the stick? Maybe I need to investigate.
    Hang in there!!