Friday, June 29, 2012

Happiness = A day at the Bay

We traveled to Richmond last week for 4 days of an intense PT "bootcamp" for Shelby (which I'll post about later). But while we were up there, we were so lucky to get to spend a day at my cousin Kate's house on the Chesapeake Bay in Deltaville with her family and my brother and his wife. I have so many happy cousin and family memories from being here as a child and it was fun to add to those. This day really was great--the perfect combination of relaxation and summer fun. I think my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Thanks for hosting us Kate and Jake! Photo credits go to Kate and me....we were picture taking machines all day.

When we arrived late Friday night, Stephen and Jake were out on the dock reeling in Croaker fish right and left, which we feasted on the next night!

Shelby's first boat ride on Saturday morning--she LOVED it!

Harding got to "drive the boat" when it was tied to the dock.

Shelby and Allie Grace enjoying the water table.

Harding decided to get in on the fun mid-change.

My aunt Dearing lovin' on her babies.

Trip and Harding took a nap in the hammock.

Shelby being silly on our second boat ride.

I think Harding was begging Kate to go faster at this point.

Uncle Stephen being silly with H-man

The perfect ending to our day!

I just love this baby girl.

The actual perfect ending to our day was feasting on the crabs and fish that we caught and the shrimp that we bought!

Harding contemplating life.

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