Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday re-cap

Today we had the unexpected gift of a snow day at home on what was to be the kids and my first day back to school. I've been cleaning out my closet like a mad woman and purging things like black pleather boots that I can't remember ever wearing. I've also been enjoying some extra time with Harding and Shelby and reflecting on our holidays.

I did not take nearly enough photos this Christmas break, but we spent some wonderful time with friends and family, despite my getting a stomach bug (fortunately no one else got it). My brother and Cambridge were here from Richmond and my sister, Grant and Riley were here from Atlanta. This made for some fun times and exceptionally delicious food at my parents' house. I absolutely loved being with them and watching Harding, Shelby and Riley play together. After Christmas, Trip's family from Nacogdoches, Texas came for a visit. Here's the play-by-play with the few pictures I took.

Christmas Eve:

Also known as my birthday. :) My parents and Stephen and Cambridge came over with my grandmother Burney and cooked dinner.
Stephen dancing with Shelby Frances

Turkey frying on Christmas Eve (requisite beer in hand)!
A very excited Harding supervising the turkey frying.

Shelby didn't have the attention span for "Twas the night before Christmas"

Christmas morning:

The kids' haul from Santa (sleeping bags, tent, sheep for Shelby, transformer for H)
Shelby's vision teacher wants her to play with more realistic toys. She must have told Santa because he delivered with this sheep. Mommy and Daddy got her some sheep books to go with it.

MoMo and Bop have their hands full these days with three grandkids!

Morning of the 26th:

Vegging at my parent's house and recovering from Christmas festivities. Chris, Cambridge and I also went to the shoe store because Nana had hooked us up with gift certificates.
Precious picture of Harding and Riley watching excited Riley and her parents will be moving to Asheville pretty soon so we can do more of this!
The 27th:

Trip's grandpa and aunt and uncle drove in from Texas and we all hung out at Trip's parents house. As always, It was greating seeing the Texas Kinnairds. I'd add more pictures of this time, but my sister-in-law Ashlee is busy with new baby Landen and hasn't had time to email them to me. :)
Grandpa and Harding crafting together. Harding enjoys a captive audience, and Grandpa was game.
The 31st:

We spent New Year's Eve at Matt and Ashlee's new house on our land ringing in 2012 and celebrating Matt's 30th birthday with some old friends. It was perfect. I got to do some hiking that afternoon out on the property by myself while the kids napped and Trip was watching football.

New Year's Eve solo hike--perfect for end of year reflection.

New Year's Day:

It was absolutely gorgeous--warm and sunny. Here are Harding and his friend Sofi (and three dogs) running up the driveway at our land.

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