Friday, December 16, 2011

We're back!

I'll admit it, I've had a hard time getting into the spirit of the season. We have been going, going, going since Thanksgiving with Harding's birthday, doctor appointments, work (as usual), and my final exams for grad school. We have put up and decorated our tree and the elf on the shelf has made his appearance, but that is where it has lights outside, no stockings hung, no Christmas china, Christmas snow village, or Christmas cards ordered at all. I have dropped the ball on creating holiday magic for my kids. There's still time though, right?

I turned in my last final this week and we are about to get serious about Christmas in the Kinnaird house. Tomorrow Harding and I are decking the halls, Trip is going to string some lights, we'll begin doing some baking and wrapping gifts. I plan to take the kids to the Grove Park Inn on Sunday to see the famous Gingerbread House exhibit.

And on Tuesday, the fun will really start. Harding's school Christmas pageant is that morning--Harding has been practicing the songs for weeks and I can't wait to see him in his costume (pictures and possibly a video to come soon). Plus, Tuesday is our last day of school and a break is long overdue. 

Also, there is a new Kinnaird on the block. Welcome to our nephew, Landen Taylor Kinnaird. He was born on December 12th and is a big (9 lb, 3 oz) adorable bundle of joy. You did very well Matt and Ashlee. We're looking forward to spoiling little Landen!

Funny anecdote: the kids were not allowed to visit their new cousin in the hospital. Harding was unhappy about this rule and told me earlier in the week, "Its okay mommy, I'll just wear my batman costume to the hospital, and they won't know I'm a boy. I know they'll let me in!" He was glad to finally get aquainted with Landen this afternoon.

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