Friday, December 30, 2011

Neurologist Appointment/EEG results

As predicted, getting all those EEG nodes on Shelby was a terrible ordeal, but somehow we made it through. She was so tired from screaming and fighting with us, that once the nodes were on, she slept through the actual EEG which is ideal for the study. Unfortunately, the EEG results showed several abnormal continuous spikes in Shelby's right hemisphere that were more frequent than in previous studies. Dr. Poplawski thinks this may have to do with the shunt revision, but Shelby's blood work also showed low Keppra levels. Hopefully increasing Shelby's Keppra dosage will help. We'll go back for more blood work in a few weeks to re-check her levels. Dr. P was impressed with Shelby's overall development and commented on how her hemipelegia (sp?) had improved since our last visit.

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  1. Did you see the story on the NBC news today (Jan. 6) about hydrocephalus and Teddy Bears? A lady in Texas gives Teddy Bears to children with hydrocephalus. She was diagnosed with it herself at age 11.
    The organization is called Hydro Angels Over Texas. May be able to Google it or check NBC and see the story. It was replayed on our local NBC station.
    Story focused on a 2 yr. old boy in Texas who received a teddy bear from the lady who started this organization. She is trying to share her story and offer support to families.