Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gwynn's Island

Wow, is it really already August already? My friend Laura and I are both school teachers and were talking about how August can feel like a perpetual Sunday if you let it (you know that sinking feeling that the weekend is about to end)? Anyway, I am determined not to feel that way. Its really not that hard right now, since we're at Holden Beach with my family having a great time. But more about that later.

Rewind to July--a couple weeks ago my mom and I traveled to the Chesapeake Bay with the kids to stay at my Aunt Dearing's house on Gwynn's Island with Dearing, my cousin Kate, and her daughter, Allie Grace. We had so much fun enjoying the water, good food, chick flicks, and each other's company. Harding spent most of his time playing with the dogs by the water and trying to get Allie Grace to laugh at him, which she did a lot. Shelby was content to play in the kiddie pool by the water. These pictures are all from Kate's camera.

Shelby cackling:

Serious little Allie Grace:

Mom and Dearing (scary how much they resemble one another):

Harding throwing the ball for Muddy:
A gorgeous full moon on the island:
Thanks Dearing!

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