Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Trip #2

We went to Holden Beach with the Mattice side of the family at the end of August, and it was a great way to relax, reconnect, stuff ourselves with yummy food, and say goodbye to summer vacation! I especially loved watching Harding, Shelby and Riley playing....they are already kindling their cousin love for each other!

This is what our daily beach camp looked like. The kiddie pool was key to keeping Riley and Shelby happy.
The surf fishing was phenomenal and Harding was allowed to reel in several fish.

Part of one day's catch. We also caught several small sharks and didn't keep them. Pretty creepy what you share the ocean with when you are swimming!

End of the week feast from the fish that we had caught. Plus green beans and tomato pie! We had a lot of fun with the lazy susan on this big table.
Harding and Riley making cookies with my mom.
Shelby getting some snuggle time with Cambridge.
Harding became quite attached to this feather and used it to draw several pictures in the sand.
Sadly, this is one of our better attempts at a picture of all three of the kids.
Being silly with Nana.
This is Harding's take on a sand flea.

BeBe, Papa, and all the Young'ins.
The whole crew!

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  1. So great, glad we got to share a little of it with you all! Can't wait til next summer! Love you!