Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer projects....kid edition.

Shelby's Project: Eye Patching

Shelby's ophthalmologist suggested that we start patching Shelby's stronger right eye for two hours a day to strengthen the left eye (this is the exact same concept as the constraint induced therapy casting of her arm). Poor girl! This infuriates her and so far, the longest amount of time I've been able to keep the patch on her is 30 minutes. I can distract her for a little while with the ipad and her favorite toys, but then she remembers the patch and attempts to rip it off (which I know hurts). Then I move to things I don't normally let her mess with, like my cell phone or our computer. I'm hoping to build up to the full two hours of patching in the next couple weeks.

Harding's project - Swimming

Harding has taken swim lessons several times, but due to lack of regular exposure to the pool after his lessons, he hasn't been able to stay completely comfortable in the water. This summer, we joined a pool and are working on teaching Harding to swim in earnest. Here he is below with my mom and my niece Riley:


  1. Poor Shelbs, it'll get better! Excited to see that Bebe is continuing her tradition of teaching us all to swim! :) Love yall

  2. I know that it is a frustrating time trying to patch the eye. You need to try your best to patch as long as the doctor says. I have a crossed eye due to my hydrocephalus and it was not detected until a few weeks ago, and I am 20 years old!!! I really wish that it was caught much sooner, because I get headaches, and double vision due to the eye. There is no operation that can be done to fix the vision part, only to straighten it up to make it look less obvious. Stick with it and she will thank you in the long run!!!