Monday, July 4, 2011

Beach Week #1 Complete

We've been "off the grid" for the past week as we vacationed with the Kinnaird clan on Folly Beach outside of Charleston. It was lovely.

Indeed :)

John and Barb
My sweet babies and me.
Harding loved catching waves in the shallow surf and couldn't stop grinning.

Don't let this picture fool you, Shelby is cutting molars right now and wasn't an angel the entire trip. But she did settle in to the beach life towards the end.
Obligatory picture of all four John Harding Kinnairds. Harding was the only one cooperating.

I can finally get Harding to pose for if he would just teach his sister.
Harding poses with Uncle Matt, Aunt Ash, and his future cousin here. The newest Kinnaird addition will arrive in December.
The whole gang on the Folly Pier.
Harding spent a great deal of time getting Grandpa Kinnaird to read to him.

Low Country Boil....yum!

I love that they are making the same face here.

Trip trying to get a fussy Shelby to nap in the hammock. I love the effect of the fogged up camera.


  1. So glad you're finally back on the grid... Missed you. The pic of you and your sweet babies is my favorite, followed by the foggy camera effect. Love you.

  2. Ok, and the same face shot. Well damn, I love them all (especially A's baby bump starting to peek)!