Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Getaway/Neurosurgeon Check-up

We've just returned home from a fun weekend in Raleigh/Durham. Shelby had a cat-scan this morning and we saw Dr. Grant afterward. He said that her brain looks exactly the same as it did in December and the shunt is working fine. That is just fine with us!

To make this trip about more than doctor's visits, we traveled on Saturday to Carrboro to hang out with my college buddy Kristin and her boyfriend Dave. They took us to their neighborhood park and entertained Harding and Shelby for us. We were going to have a picnic dinner Saturday evening with them, but there were severe thunderstorms, so we hung out on their porch instead. We spent Saturday and Sunday night with my mom's cousin Fran in Raleigh (who is the best hostess ever) and really enjoyed spending time with her and her daughter Meredith. We also visited my cousin Katy and Aunt Nora on Sunday, went swimming, ate some delicious eastern NC barbecue, and toured the NC Museum of Life and Science (pictures below). It was great catching up with friends and family this weekend and since school ended on Friday, this was a wonderful way to start out summer break.

Right now, Harding and Trip are building an elaborate train track together, Shelby is re-acquainting herself with her favorite toys on the floor, and I'm about to start my first book of the summer. Life is good!

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